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This website contains a set of information and planning instruments relating to the Ministry of Secondary Education.

They relate to grammar, technical and teacher education.

This website aims, first and foremost, to reach out to the following persons :
Cameroonians who intend to continue university studies in and out of Cameroon ;


•Persons living out of Cameroon and who would like to pursue their education in any of our colleges or high school

• Researchers and professionals interested in the statistics, school programmes and educational projects of MINESEC ;

• And generally, any person interested in education issues.
This tool for exchange also helps decision-makers in MINESEC to reach out to diverse education stakeholders or any other person who carries out activities relating to the world of education.Here, you will also find an outline of the MINESEC website presenting this website in detail to help you access directly to the web page of your choice.

Jean Ernest MASSENA NGALLE BIBEHE Minister of Secondary Education



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