Professor Nalova Lyonga pursues the “Clean School” concept

The Minister of Secondary Education has intensified her “Clean School” concept following her impromptu visit to some Secondary Educational Institutions in Yaounde V Sub-division.

The visit of the Secondary Education boss took her to Government Bilingual High School, Essos, Yaounde, Government High School, Nkolmesseng and Queen’s Way International College also at Nkolmesseng.

In all the institutions visited, the Minister expressed satisfaction and saluted the efforts of the school authorities for making efforts to keep to the standards.

I have seen principals who are doing their best. At Government Bilingual High School, Essos, Yaounde for example, we saw a principal who is so committed and aware of green spaces despite the large number of 7.000 students. We hope that this is going to continue and other schools should emulate what they have done with their spaces to render them into green usable spaces.

We also visited a private school, Queen’s Way International College where we saw how the principal tried to use the little space she has for the right purpose. I think that she should continue with those things that Cameroonians love so much like music.

We also saw some trouble areas such as Government High School, Nkolmesseng that has a problem of building structures because the designer did not take into account the landscape of the area. So the terraces in all schools built on hill-sides must be intensified as a matter of priority.

I am very pleased that we have something that we can carry on. I am extremely pleased with the Media Centre and Computer Laboratory in LBY. At least we could see a place where computers are kept clean and in good condition. Happily, some principals have a good sense of what is required in their schools and we are going to make sure that we continue with the good practices and that the vision of the Head of State can be sustained and make our secondary schools what Cameroonians would love them to be”.

Brigitte Ambissah Asah