The Minister




Dear students,

Dear teachers,

Dear parents,

Dear partners,

Dear collaborators,

The 2017/2018 school year that has just ended has been a success generally-speaking, despite the odds.  To illustrate this, the national success rate for the various official examinations stands at 56.19% compared to 43.34% in 2017, scoring an increase of 12.85%.

This satisfactory result is undoubtedly the result of the strong involvement of various actors in the education community who have discharged their duties properly.

On 3 September 2018, the bells of the 2018/2019 school year will be ringing. This is the perfect opportunity for me to clarify the essential principles that will guide our actions. In this respect, I have decided to place this school year under the theme: “Clean Schools: the Pathway to Enhance National Integration.”

The notion of “Clean Schools” implies an “evolution” that positively impacts the quality of the supervision of learners. In other words, there is the need to make the school environment more attractive, conducive for work and rid of everything that is unethical and where there is the culture of hard work, merit and probity. I commit each one of you to the embellishment of the school environment at the physical, moral and intellectual levels.

At the Physical Level, the school milieu should be clean. In this respect, classrooms, walls, toilets, courtyards and playgrounds, water points will need to be maintained on a daily basis. Green spaces will also have to be created to beautify schools. We will ensure the qualitative and quantitative improvement of infrastructure and equipment: spacious classrooms, adapted specialised rooms, well-blackened boards, quality benches, etc. In addition, emphasis will be placed on the physical cleanliness of students through the good maintenance of their hair, the uniform which they display and the respect of basic principles of hygiene.

At the Moral Level, the fight against cheating, tribalism, spreading of false information, denunciation, hatred and the spread of hate messages, the unhealthy use of social networks, corruption and misappropriation of funds will be intensified. In the case of financial malpractice in particular, the collection of tuition and examination fees will be done exclusively by digital means. This change is part of our commitment to improving school governance and having reliable statistics.

We will also ensure that the values of conviviality, peace, fairness, harmony and social cohesion prevail, in short, living together in a multilingual and multicultural school environment. In the same vein, we will continue the struggle against indiscipline, absenteeism, alcoholism and the use of drugs which has become a serious ill in our society. To meet this challenge, special emphasis must be placed on discipline and monitoring of information units for the fight against drug use.

At the intellectual level, teachers are required to improve the quality of their services. As such, lessons should be prepared and delivered in strict compliance with the pedagogic and didactic approaches in force.

Students, for their part, will have to take their studies seriously in order to optimise their performance and ensure their socio-professional integration. In view of the emergence of Cameroon by 2035, they must behave as true actors of sustainable development. We must all manage our country’s diversity.

Parents, who form an important link in the educational chain, are called upon to play their role more in the mission of training and supervising the youth through the monitoring of students at home and participation in the life of the school.

While welcoming the strong involvement of our national and international partners in the modernisation  process of our educational system, we will continue to work together, in view of the challenges that await us at the technological, infrastructural, administrative and socio-environmental levels for the completion of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 4.

During the 2018/2019 school year, we will be guided by the aforementioned principles. I therefore urge all my collaborators to be part of this new orientation through effective management actions and the promotion of a healthy and friendly work environment. It is at this price that the “Clean School” notion can become the bedrock par excellence of national integration so dear to the Head of State, President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya.

I wish each and everyone an excellent 2018/2019 school year.